Current Tasks

What am I doing this semester?


  • Logic for Computer Science, for Computer Engineering (S71) - 4 hours a week
  • Logic for Computer Science, for Information Systems (S73) - 4 hours a week
  • Computer Programming 2, for Engineering students (S24) - 2 hours a week


  • Implementing a prover for C1 (with Celso Kaestner and Marcelo Finger)
    • C1 is a paraconsisent logic created by Newton da Costa, a brazilian logician born in Curitiba, who was a teacher at UTFPR (when it was called "Escola Técnica de Curitiba")
    • I will (probably) be in Campinas presenting this work
  • Implementing abduction in KEMS (with Marcelo Finger)
    • on hold (waiting for time)
  • (on hold) ASEA system on Biostatistics (with José Martin Nicoladelli)
  • (on hold) ASEA for KE Tableaux (with José Martin Nicoladelli)


  • Vinicius Henrique Nequel Netto (Specialization in Java Tcehnology)
  • Wanessa de Lima (Specialization in Java Tcehnology)
  • Max Sobroza, a undergraduate teaching assistant ("monitor") for "Logic for Computer Science"
  • Gilson Costa, a graduate teaching assistant ("PAE") for "Computer Programming 1 & 2"


  • Project for a small business in Curitiba (to be oficialized)
  • Organizing ERI-PR
  • Helping (only a little bit) João Fabro to train students for the Brazilian ICPC challenge

Other tasks

  • Discipline chief for "Computer Programming 2"
  • DAINF Wiki (one of the main contributors)
  • My blog
  • "Democracia e transparência blog" - blog administrator
  • INFOCOMP - reviewer
  • Program Committee Member of IFIP AI 2010
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